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Richard Lansley Designs Ltd.


Richard graduated in 1998 from Buckinghamshire University College with a BA (Hons) in Furniture and Related product design. Working for various manufacturing companies in the design industry Richard very quickly learnt how to apply his design knowledge both technically and practically.

In 2004 Richard set-up Richard Lansley Designs incorporating the company in 2013. A freelance design consultancy offering the very best solutions on any project size. From conceptional designs to full turnkey project management, Richard Lansley Designs Ltd is able to offer a variety of "hit the ground running" services to the interior design industry. With experience of working alongside ultra-high net worth individuals to develop their properties.

Richard has a passion to achieve the very best results, both from himself and his team. No detail is too small or insignificant to ignore, understanding the importance of great detailing. A believer in less is more especially when applied to high end residential design. Using his creative and technical skills to deliver high quality, thoughtful and detailed design solutions. A strong problem solver and experienced overseeing projects on and off site to ensure the very best results are achieved. Results driven, self-motivated and pro-active with proven skill set to develop client ideas and projects from conception to completion. Managing multiple projects for several clients simultaneously, both leading a team and independently meeting time and financial targets.

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